Tim & Fuzz from Car SOS take a look around Britpart

After successfully completing one of their legendary car restorations for a very deserving member of the public, this time a Range Rover Classic, Tim & Fuzz from Car SOS take a look around Britpart. We think they are very surprised to see just how big our operation is here in Craven Arms in the lovely countryside of Shropshire.

Britpart - A World of Land Rover Parts & Accessories under one (well several) roofs

Ever wondered how big Britpart is?  Well here is your chance to see from the comfort of your home. Enjoy a drone flight around our site at The Grove set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. You'll be able to see inside our warehouses at the thousands upon thousands of Land Rover parts and accessories ready for distribution to our hundreds of customers across the world. Also you'll see inside our new warehouse extension which has recently been completed.

Britpart Dog Ramp

This handy dog ramp is perfect for dogs who have difficulty jumping into the back of your Land Rover. With an anti-slip coating the ramp is quick and safe to use even in wet conditions. The ramp is perfect for aging & injured dogs as well as puppies and smaller dogs who can’t reach! 

More Information - DA1631

Discovery 4 - Electric Side Steps

Easy access to your Discovery 4. Never available from Land Rover as an OE option. Smart design. Enhance the look of your Discovery 4. Tucked away when driving, prevents damage. Fixed steps susceptible to damage when driving off-road. Side steps automatically lower into place when a door is open and raise once door is shut. Safety cut-off should step encounter an object. Function to lower step with door shut - ideal for accessing the roof. Manufactured from aluminium - strong and light.

More information - DA1512

Britpart Lynx Spotlights

See the difference in using a pair of these over just your standard headlights.

More information - DA6633

Raptor - A tough & tintable protective coating

Protect your Land Rover with Raptor. Raptor is a highly durable protective coating that ensures protection against mechanical damage, fuels, hydraulic oils, rust, corrosion, salt water, damp, extreme temperatures and off-road muddy good fun.

See how easy it is to apply and what you can achieve on your Land Rover.

More information - Raptor

12 Strand Rope Shackle - DA7336

The easy and safe way of joining ropes or strops. Manufactured from 11mm 12-strand UHMWPE rope with built in UV inhibitor. These are a lightweight, easy and safe way of joining ropes and strops. Due to the much lower kinetic energy being stored, using these shackles is much safer in the event of a rope or strop failure. Can also be used to attach ropes to standard towing eyes without scratching the paintwork.

More information - DA7336

Britpart XS PowerPack

Never get caught out with a flat battery on your Land Rover, mobile phone or laptop. Pack a Britpart XS PowerPack.

More information - DA1239

Britpart Defender Seat Re-trim Kit Instructions

Before you begin fitting this kit please watch this instructional presentation. The 25 minute tutorial will give you a detailed step-by-step guide to disassembling and assembling your Defender seat and information on the correct use of the included parts.

More information - Re-trim Kits

Britpart XD PowerPack

Watch how useful the Britpart XD PowerPack is when confronted with a Freelander with a very flat battery.

More information - DA1238

The old coldstore demolition at Britpart

Watch one hundred days demolition in just three minutes.

Britpart have finally removed the last of the Chuckie Chicken plant that was left at The Grove. The site is now prepared and ready for our next warehouse extension.

New Britpart warehouse extension build

Watch our new warehouse extension take the place of our old coldstore here at The Grove. This extension now holds our packing and goods in departments.