XS PowerPack

XS PowerPack


xs powerpack xs powerpack xs powerpack

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Multi-function jumper starter

Battery volume - 18,000mAh

Starting current - 300A

Peak current - 600A

UK mains plug


    Multi-function jump starter & charger for electronic products...

    > Lap tops
    > Mobile phones
    > Portable games
    > Tablets
    > Portable DVD
    > Music players
    > Plus much more...

    > Small and lightweight high capacity nano lithium polymer portable power pack with the latest battery technology.
    > Supports fast charging with low self-discharge cycle.
    > Charging cycles can reach more than 1,000 times.
    > Supports 12V jump starts as well as back up charging for many brands of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, portable refrigerators etc.
    > Support 3 different types of charging modes.
    > Built in redundant electronic control safety protection for jump starter over-charging and over-discharging.

    Technical Specifications
    Size - 230 x 87 x 27mm
    Weight - 615g
    Output - 5V = 1A (smart phone/tablet fast charge)
    Output - 12V = 10A
    Output - 19V = 3.5A (lap tops/notebooks)
    Input - 14V = 1A
    Battery volume - 18,000mAh
    Starting current - 300A
    Peak current - 600A

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    Britpart XS PowerPack

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