Ravenol MZG EP 80W-90 Gear Oil GL4

Code: DA1532

4 litres

Ravenol MZG SAE 80W-90 GL-4 is an EP (extreme pressure) multigrade transmission oil which contains a blend of highly refined mineral oils together with a balanced additive combination and offers a high load carrying capacity, corrosion protection and oxidation stability.

Ravenol MZG SAE 80W-90 GL-4 is recommended for the lubrication of all manual transmissions, differential gears and steering transmissions in vehicles for which EP transmission oil of an SAE 80w-90 is required by the manufacturer.

MIL-L-2105 D

ZF TE-ML 02B, 16A, 17A, 19A

Extreme pressure durable lubricant film even under high loads
Excellent cold flow capacity even under extreme conditions
Enhanced corrosion protection for all types of metals
High oxidation stability
Low foaming tendency even at high speeds/loads
Miscible and compatible with all brand name transmission oils