Ultra-compact Subwoofer

Code: DA2882

8-inch, ultra-compact, fully aluminium subwoofer from Phoenix Gold

The Z880 is an 8-inch, ultra-compact, fully aluminium subwoofer from Phoenix Gold. It is designed to fit into a variety of small spaces within any vehicle, including under seats or limited boots.

The powerful MOSFET amplifier delivers 80 Watt RMS and up to 240W Max. The Z880 is a plug & play unit with a complete wiring kit for high-level installation. The wiring kit includes power, ground and high-level input quick connectors and includes a wired bass remote. The design of the subwoofer is up to 60% smaller than a standard under seat subwoofer.

Features & Benefits
 8 Active ultra Ultra compact subwoofer 80W RMS 240W Max AutoStart on high-level input
Remote gain control
High and low level input
Power & high-level cable quick connector
Aluminium casing
Subsonic filter at 20Hz
Phase control
Variable Bass boost 0-12 Boost
Dimensions - 290mm x 210mm x 70mm




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