Ravenol Cockpit-Spray

Code: DA1628


RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray is a highly effective care spray for the cleaning and maintenance of plastic, artificial and natural leather interior surfaces of all types of motor vehicles. Also suitable for use in the home on all types of furniture with plastic or painted coatings, and all types of plastic housings such as TV cabinets, computer cases etc. Silicone-free formulation leaves a silky shine and protects treated surfaces from the effects of oxidative ageing, as well as helping to protect surfaces against the effects of intense sunlight such as fading and cracking. The anti-static properties ensure surfaces remain dust-free for longer and the product leaves a pleasant perfumed odour after use.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray should be shaken well before use.

Spray on surfaces and wipe quickly with a lint-free cloth to achieve a uniform distribution and to remove dust and dirt. In the interests of safety do not spray on wheels, steering wheel, pedals and seat cushions.


RAVENOL Cockpit-Spray offers: Cleans and maintains all types of internal vehicle surfaces Universally applicable for all plastic, painted and leather surfaces in the home Creates a silky gloss finish with anti-static properties to remain dust-free for longer Protects surfaces against the ageing effects of intense sunlight Helps prevent surfaces from cracking, brittleness and fading





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