TTC Traditional Technology Coolant Concentrate

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1.5 litre

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RAVENOL TTC Traditional Technology Coolant Concentrate is an eco-friendly 1.2- Ethanediol (monoethylene glycol) based nitrite, amine and phosphate-free coolant for cooling circuits in combustion engines which provides maintenance-free corrosion and frost protection. The product is formulated as a long-term coolant based on a proven inhibitor development. The quality of an antifreeze is no longer just determined by the antifreeze effect (which automatically exists in an ethylene-glycol based product), but by the level of rust protection. That is why car manufacturers subject an antifreeze to lengthy corrosion and cavitation tests before approving its use.

RAVENOL TTC is suitable for most motorbikes, older cars and trucks. It is also used by many Motorhome / Caravan workshops for the ALDE central heating system.

Meets/ Exceeds Requirements
> Volkswagen VW TL 774-C (acc. to G11 quality)
> BS 6580 (GB), O Norm V 5123 (Austria), JIS K 2234 (Japan)
> CUNA NC 956-16 (Italy), AFNOR R15-601 (France), UNE 25-361 (Spain)
> SAE J1034
> ASTM D 4985, ASTM D 1384, ASTM D 2570, ASTM D 2809
> ASTM D 3306 Type 1, ASTM D 6210 Type 1-FF
> Ford WSS-M97B51-A
> Fiat 9.55523, FIAT PARAFLU 11
> IVECO 18-1830
> Chrysler MS 7170
> MAN 324 NF

RAVENOL TTC Traditional Technology Coolant Concentrate offers:
> Excellent for all-aluminium engines
> Premium corrosion additives for optimal rust protection for all metals and metal alloys used in cooling systems, including aluminium
> Good reserve alkalinity
> High-quality corrosion additives for optimal corrosion protection
> Compatible with elastomers used in automotive radiators

Mixing chart:

Antifreeze protection to approx.   Parts antifreeze  Parts water
- 12°C 25 %  75 %
- 20°C 35 %   65 %
- 37°C 50 %   50 %





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5 litre

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