Air-Con Compressor Lubricant

Code: DA3265

500ml bottle

Product Characteristics
>    Not hygroscopic. Unlike other oils, these do not absorb any moisture from the ambient air
>    Can be used as an alternative to a range of PAG oils. Stock one oil instead of three
>    Successfully used in practice for more than 20 years
>    Helps to increase the air conditioning system’s performance
>    No adverse effects on components in the air conditioning circuit
>    Additional admixture of a fluorescent contrast agent for UV leak detection
>    Low vol% concentration of the contrast agent with the fol-owing advantages: preserves the oil’s positive characteristics and avoids negative effects on system components or service equipment

Advantages & Effect 
>    Being non-hygroscopic, PAO oil is easy to use in workshops.
>    A low degree of refrigerant solubility in the oil means that the PAO oil is not diluted and retains its full viscosity in the compressor
>    Oil film inside the components creates a better seal and decreases friction between the compressor’s moving parts
>    Reduced operating temperature and wear
>    Results in increased operational safety and reduces noise, running time, and energy consumption by the compressor
>    PAO 68 oil does not damage fluoroelastomer materials, such as hoses and seals.
>    Since PAO 68 oil is compatible with many other lubricants and refrigerants, it can be used both when topping up and when changing the system’s entire oil volume. Its molecular structure and density mean that, although PAO 68 oil can be mixed to a certain extent with other oils, it separates from them again when it settles and does not form a permanent bond. This guarantees that the necessary viscosity of the oils is maintained and there is no change in the overall viscosity