Stay safe with our range of emergency equipment

Stay safe and be prepared with a selection of first aid kits and travel kits.


Being prepared for unexpected emergencies when you are off-roading can help your trip run much smoother! Here we share some of our top tips for off-roading and greelaning. 

Top Tips for Off-roading and Greenlaning:

> Always carry a fully charged mobile phone with you.
> Let someone know where you intend to go, and what time you are expected to be back.
> Never Greenlane alone, you could end up stuck for hours! 
> Wear suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions.
> Respect the environment and the wildlife.
> Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and reliable.
> Know your vehicles lowest clearance point.

When planning your trip make sure that you have the essential emergency equipment to help get you out of any sticky situations. 

Always carry basic recovery items with you including:

> First aid kit
> Off-road Jack
> Wheel repair kit
> Winch and kit
> Recovery rope
> Shackles
> Fire extinguisher
> Food and drink
> Sat Nav, mapping apps and paper maps

Also useful to carry with you:

> Sand ladder or waffle board
> Portable powerpack
> Ground anchor

Being properly prepared can ensure that emergencies are dealt with quickly and minimize potential problems.

Most importantly, remember to have good, safe fun when taking your vehicle off-road and respect your surroundings.  

*This article is intended as guidance only, always obey local laws and seek advice from regulation providers in your country if you are unsure.