Prepare for Summer

Make the switch to Car Shades today!


 Introducting Car Shades: The Ultimate Solution for Sun Protection 

We're thrilled to announce that Britpart is now a proud stockist of Car Shades, bringing you tailored sun blinds designed to revolutionize your driving experience.

 Why should you make the switch to Car Shades?

Precision Fit, UK Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision in the UK, Car Shades are meticulously hand-sewn to match the dimensions of your vehicle's rear windows and boot perfectly. Enjoy edge-to-edge coverage and a seamless fit that enhances both style and functionality.

Effortless Installation, Maximum Convenience: Say goodbye to complex installations! With Car Shades, you can have your shades up and ready in under 10 minutes. Our unique fitting clips, included with every set, ensure hassle-free installation while allowing your windows to remain fully functional.

Unmatched Sun Protection: Experience a 72% reduction in light transmission compared to windows without sun protection. Shield yourself and your passengers from harmful UV rays and excessive brightness, ensuring a safer and more comfortable journey every time.

Upgrade your driving experience with Car Shades and enjoy unparalleled sun protection, convenience, and style on every adventure. Discover the difference today!