From one horsepower to another!


We are very accustomed to measuring horsepower here at Britpart, but imagine racing 1,000km on horseback… it brings a whole other meaning to the term horsepower.

The Mongol Derby race is the longest, toughest horserace in the world, pushing participants to their limits as they tackle the harsh terrain.

The Mongol Derby traces the steps of the postal transmission network set up by Genghis Khan in 1224, it is thought that the speed of this communication network was one of the great tactical advantages of the Mongol warriors.

It is no easy route, with high passes, deep valleys, wooded hills, rivers, wetlands and the famous Mongolian Steppe. This of course sounds like something that a Land Rover was designed to tackle, but the Mongol Derby race sees participants ride the semi-feral Mongolian Horses who’s hardiness and strength are suited to the challenging race.

Britpart are proud to support Shropshire local, Zoe Geddes, in her participation in the race. Zoe has been selected as a participant from thousands of entries, for this once in a lifetime journey. Carrying just 5kg of gear and a digital GPS, participants must navigate across the unmarked course, camping in the wilderness as they go. Throughout the race participants ride over 25 different horses, completing 40km distances with each horse to ensure that the horses are well cared for and kept in peak physical health.

Swapping suspension and axle for saddles and stirrups, the Britpart team are excited to follow Zoe’s journey as she trains for and completes this incredible opportunity.

You can follow Zoe’s journey here 

Interesting Fact: the term horsepower was adopted in the late 18th century by James Watt, it was used to compare the output of steam engine to draft horses.