Britpart x Car Throttle

We are delighted to share with you the latest Car Throttle episode!


This exciting project filmed at Britpart HQ, puts a Discovery 2 & Discovery 3 to the test.

In Episode 1 the Car Throttle presenters, Alex, Jack & Ethan, prepare the vehicles with the help of our Britpart team, and our friends from Terrafirma.

With the Discovery 3 the team take the overland approach, adding camping essentials and an impressive winch bumper. The extensive camping equipment we stock meant that Jack & Ethan had everything on hand to equip the Discovery 3 with a stylish low profile roof rack, impressive winch bumper & winch, some powerful LED lights, a comfortable roof tent, and large awning and camp table & chairs. To keep the beers chilled the boys added a powerful ARB Zero fridge freezer. The ARB fire pit made the perfect addition to the camp site. 

Episode 2 follows as the team embark on a camping adventure and put the vehicles to the test in the off-road arena! The Discovery 3 comes up trumps in the camping section, the high quality camping equipment is easy to use and means that camp can be set up quickly wherever you may find yourself. The Discovery 2 shows its capabilities in the off-road section, tackling the rough terrain with ease. Head over to the Terrafirma website for more information on the parts used on the Discovery 2.