Which Winch is For me?

Which Winch Is For Me?

The following information is given to help you purchase the correct winch for your application.
You need to ask the following questions before making a decision -
> What voltage do I require?
> What weight am I pulling?
> What vehicle is the winch being fitted to?
> What length of pull is required?
> How often will the winch be used?
> Is there a gradient (eg ramps etc)?

If you are purchasing a winch for vehicle recovery, plant hire, transportation of loads we recommend you look at winches with capacities of 8,000lbs pull upwards. Likewise if you recover animal carcasses we would recommend a similar capacity winch.

For 4x4 vehicles a mid-range winch will suit, i.e. 8,000lbs to 12,000lbs depending on the vehicle you are mounting a winch to.

For the leisure industry (boats, smaller caravans, low trailers etc) utility winches would be the most suitable i.e. 2,000lbs to 8,000lbs.

Remember that all winches are rated on the first layer of rope on the drum, therefore giving maximum load. When the drum is full of rope the winch has a reduced pulling capacity usually by around 20% per layer.

When purchasing a winch it is always worth considering buying in addition good quality essential recovery gear such as a snatch block. Snatch blocks allow you to use the winch on a double line, therefore, doubling the winch pulling capacity. It is worth nothing that when winches are used double line, the speed of the winch is nearly halved. Britpart do a wide range of winching accessories - click

Note - Winches are NOT designed for lifting or moving people.

Vehicle recovery is part of driving off road. Preparing for the inevitable before setting off will guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your passengers. To ensure you are well prepared, make sure you have Britpart recovery gear. Our accessories - from straps and rope to shackles and jacks are manufactured to the highest standards, making them ideal for recreational and commercial use, enabling you to maximise your winch use and 'Get to where you want to go!'