Brackets, Mounts & Ancillary

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Sometimes off-road conditions can be serious enough to test the standard equipment on your Land Rover. We have a range of parts to help ensure your vehicle can operate in off-road conditions including dislocation cones, lift rod kits, spring retainers and much more. 

Adjustable Ball Joint

An adjustable A-frame ball joint.

Dislocation Cones

Ensure your springs relocate correctly in extreme conditions.

Lift Rod Kit

Fully adjustable lift rod kit to give you two settings - standard & off-road.

Shock Absorber Brackets & Turrets

Britpart heavy-duty single and twin shock absorber brackets & turrets.

Spring Retainers

Heavy-duty retainers ensure the springs are kept in the correct position.

Spring Space Blocks

Spacers fit between the axle and spring seats to give extra lift.

Turret Rings

Heavy-duty rings to replace the standard turret rings.

Rear Spring Seat Kits

Galvanised rear spring seat fitting kits.

Leaf Spring Castor Correction Wedges

Can be used to correct castor or diff pin angle on leaf sprung vehicles by 3 degrees.