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We have an extensive range of axle parts for your Land Rovers including anti-roll bar kits, panhard rods, radius arms and much more! 

Anti-roll Bar Kits

Stiffen up your Land Rover with a Britpart kit.

Bush Kits

Front bush kits for radius arms & panhard rods and rear bush kits for top & bottom links.

Castor Corrected Swivel Housings

These swivel housings have the mounting holes positioned to give 3 degrees of additional castor.

Fulcrum Brackets

Replacement fulcrum brackets.

Heavy-Duty Drive Flanges

Heavy-duty drive flange kits, engineered to outperform many of the inferior products available on the market.

Meyle Heavy-duty Suspension Components

Meyle quality means: optimised products offering maximum service life and outshining OE solutions.

Panhard Rods

Adjustable panhard rods to correct the axle position.

Radius Arms

Designed for vehicles with an extended 1 to 3" lift.

Suspension Arm & Bolt Kits

Have all the parts you need with one easy part number when you have to change a suspension arm.

Suspension Bolt Kits

Handy kits to use when changing your vehicles suspension.