Dinitrol 3654/ML4

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Dinitrol 3654/ML4


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Corrosion prevention for cavities and open surfaces.

1 litre canister

    Product Description
    For closed cavities, doors and other parts of cars, trucks & buses. The product is designed for application in closed cavities, doors and other parts of cars, trucks and buses. The product is particularly suitable for use at import plants, during truck and bus manufacture and aftermarket. DINITROL 3654 is also designed for use on spare parts etc, which are stored for long periods or transported under very corrosion inductive weather conditions.

    > Grey
    > High penetration
    > Polyethyelene wax base
    > Highly water repellent
    > Excellent low temperature properties
    > Low viscosity

    DINITROL 3654 Airmix is a slightly thixotropic corrosion preventive fluid with excellent film building properties on open surfaces as well as in cavities. To make DINITROL 3654 Airmix suitable for airmix application, the rheology has been modified compared to the standard product, DINITROL 3654. The product is based mainly on synthetic waxes, oil, corrosion inhibitors and low aromatic iso-paraffinic solvent. When the solvent has evaporated, the product leaves a beige, waxy, water repellent, protective film, giving an excellent corrosion protection. DINITROL 3654 Airmix is designed for application in closed cavities, in doors and other parts of vehicles.

    Method of Use
    DINITROL 3654 Airmix is normally applied by spraying with airmix, low pressure equipment. The product can also be applied with airless, high pressure equipment.

    > Colour: Grey
    > Type of film: Waxy
    > Density at 23°C: 850 kg/m³
    > Viscosity at 23°C, DIN4: 15 s
    > Solids content: 48% by weight
    > Flash point: 40ºC
    Rec. film thickness: 40 µm
    > Drying time: 2 hrs
    > Penetration: > 25 mm
    > Low temperature adhesion: – 30°C
    > Effect on car paint: None
    > Removability: Hydrocarbon solvents
    > Heat resistance: 90°C
    > Salt spray test: 480 h
    > Consumption/m²: 70 m