Complete heavy-duty chassis

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Complete heavy-duty chassis


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  • Defender 110 - Td5

    Legs made from 3mm thick steel. Outriggers and cross members produced with 3mm, 4mm or 8mm-thick material. High-durability S355 grade alloyed steel used.

    All frame elements are laser cut and shaped with digital presses. Legs are welded from four parts. Items that require extra strength use thicker steel, not lamination. Less stress on chassis and other components due to less flex in the chassis and outriggers.

    Anti-corrosion protection
    Hot galvanization – high-quality coating which achieves a quality durable finish. Construction designed from the start for galvanization with appropriate size holes and flow ways. Additional inspection holes in the legs and other closed profiles so the chassis can be washed out internally or ideal for wax protection. Mud-accumulating points kept to a minimum.