Castor corrected swivel housings

Code: DA3203

  • Defender - from LA up to WA

To give 3 degrees of additional castor...

Normally the only way to correct the castor angle on a beam axle vehicle is to fit castor corrected radius arms or go through the lengthy process of repositioning the brackets on the axle. Something which takes considerable time and skill. Britpart offer you an alternative.

These castor corrected swivel housings come as a handed pair. They are a direct replacement for vehicles normally using the FRC7065 swivel housing but they have the mounting holes positioned to give 3 degrees of additional castor. The swivel housings are from the OEM supplier and then machined to our specification.

Kit contents -
> Swivel housings
> Swivel pin bearings
> Gaskets
> Seals
> Plates
> Shims
> Joint washers
> Swivel pin uppers
> Swivel housing grease sachets