Oil temperature gauge

Code: DA1285

Designed to compliment Transfer Case Sump Cover - DA9018

This oil temperature gauge is a high precision mechanical temperature gauge with a full 270 degree sweep. The unit is designed to compliment DA9018 transfer case sump cover and fits directly to a pre-drilled port in the sump cover. The unit fits into a standard two inch mounting hole and operates completely independently of electrical power. A 12 volt lamp supplies illumination. The gauges are far more accurate than common electrical types using thermistor senders. These gauges can also be used to measure cooling water temperature or engine oil temperature in commercial or marine applications. The sending tube is 1,800mm long, and contains pressurised fluid so it cannot be shortened - but you can coil surplus tube behind your dash.




  • Defender - 230 type transfer case - up to 2007
  • Discovery - 230 type transfer case - excludes Discovery 2
  • Range Rover - 230 type transfer case

Billet transfer case sump oil coolers are designed to replace the flimsy sump covers supplied as...