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Make sure that your Land Rover stands out from the crowd with our selection of engine performance products. We have everything covered, from engine tuning boxes to performance intercoolers and much more! 

Air Filters - Britpart

Increase your Land Rover's performance with a new Britpart Peak Perfomance air filter.

Air Filters - K & N

K&N Filters, plus cleaning solution and dirt retention lubricating oil.

Aluminium Tanks

Direct replacement for the plastic tanks which are prone to splitting. Ideal for motorsport, overland or just to improve the look of your Land Rover’s engine bay.

EGR Blanking & Silicone Hose Kits

Easy fit kit to boost your engine's performance.

EGR Blanking Kits & Tubes

An EGR blanking kit & tube enables you to remove the original mechanical EGR resulting in better fuel economy and improved performance.

Electronic Fan Conversion Kits

Custom engineering to fit and cool your Land Rover perfectly.

Filter Guards

Britpart Filter Guard removes potential engine damaging metal particles from your oil. Clean oil works better than dirty oil with reduced friction and less wear.

Intercoolers - Performance

Increase engine power & reduce fuel consumption - these are high performance and robust units which are bigger than the standard ones.

Powerlite Starter Motors & Dynamo

High torque gear reduction starter motors offering increased cranking speeds and considerably more cranking power than original units.

PSI Power Tuning Products

The Power Box houses a digital microprocessor which intercepts the fuelling signals being transmitted from the ECU to the fuel pump.

Silicone Coolant Hoses

Quality silicone hoses designed to operate at a higher temperature then the original hoses.

Silicone Turbo Hoses

Quality silicone hoses designed to operate at a higher temperature then the original hoses.

Tuning Box

Tuning box for the Defender - Puma 2.2Tdc. Power increases by 27bhp (20kw) and torque by 71Nm.


The Diesel Tunit has been forged from many years of experience to bring a world class unbeatable range of diesel performance solutions.  

Turbo Boost Box

You will feel the benefits of fitting the Turbo Boost Box as soon as you drive.

Upgrade Chip

No trade off between fuel economy and increased power!

Weber Carburettors

Replacement Weber carburettors and ancillary products.