Range Rover - The First Fifty

Code: DA3202

Prototypes, YVBs and NXCs - the story of the early Range Rovers

Lost in the mists of legend...

Today, the Range Rover is a legend. The original design lasted in production for more than a quarter of a century. It is those very first Range Rovers which are the subject of this book. Its aim is to record the story of the earliest vehicles before it becomes lost in the mists of legend and distorted by commercial misrepresentation. It looks at three distinct groups of vehicles. These are the Engineering Prototypes (of which there were seven), the Pre-Production Vehicles (of which there were 28, most registered in the YVB-H series), and the Press Launch Vehicles (of which there were 20, all registered in the NXC-H series). The total comes to slightly more than 50 vehicles. With 160 illustrations and 160 pages.