Underside Protection

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A wide range of underside protection for your Land Rover including swivel housing gaiter kits, universal joint silicone sleeves and guards for diffs, fuel coolers, fuel tanks, steering/sump transmissions. The accessories will help prevent damage from hidden dangers and are a must have for anyone who drives their Land Rover off-road. 

Diff Guards

Simple to fit and have the added advantage of having the fill plug accessible at all times.

Fuel Cooler Guard

Protect your Defender Tdci's vulnerable fuel cooler.

Fuel Tank Guards

Protect your Defender's fuel tank with one of these tough guards.

Steering/Sump & Transmission Guards

Added protection from those hidden dangers when off-roading!

Swivel Housing Gaiter Kits

Permanent protection fro swivels, spheres & joints.

Universal Joint Silicone Sleeves

By adding one of these silicone sleeves you will reduce debris from building up in the universal joint which, in time, will increase the life span of the joint.