ATF T-IV Fluid

Code: LR022460

1 litre

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Ravenol ATF T-IV Fluid is a universal ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for the latest generation of automatic transmissions, and especially formulated using a blend of hydro-cracked and PAO synthetic base oils, together with special additives and inhibitors, to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the transmission.

Ravenol ATF T-IV Fluid was primarily developed for use in the latest Aisin Warner and Toyota transmissions found in many modern European and Japanese vehicles, and it's versatile formulation means it can also be used to replace older T, T-II and T-III fluids where required, as well as fulfilling many other manufacturer requirements as listed below.

Ravenol ATF T-IV Fluid offers -
> Very good lubricating properties also at very low temperatures
> High, stable viscosity index
> Very low pour point
> Excellent oxidation stability
> Exceptional protection against corrosion and foaming
> Compatible with all types of sealing materials and non-ferrous components

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