ATF 8HP fluid

Code: DA1345

20 litres

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Ravenol ATF 8HP Fluid is an automatic transmission fluid (ATF), produced with a blend of hydrocrack oils and synthetic PAO together with special additives and inhibitors to enable smooth and efficient function of the latest ZF automatic transmissions. Ravenol ATF 8HP Fluid has been formulated specifically for the latest generation of 8-speed ZF automatic transmissions and is coloured green for easy identification.

Ravenol ATF 8HP Fluid has been developed for the latest ZF 8HP-Series transmissions -
ZF 8HP45, 8HP55, 6HP26, 8HP70, 8HP90, and is also suitable for the following 6-speed transmissions from the ZF 6HP-series - 6HP19X for AUDI Q7, 6HP19A, 6HP28AF.

Ravenol ATF 8 HP Fluid meets and exceeds
the following requirements - Land Rover
LR023288 and LR023289.

Ravenol ATF 8 HP Fluid offers
> Very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures
> High, stable viscosity index
> Very good oxidation stability
> Protection against corrosion and foam formation
> Good balanced coefficient of friction
> A high thermal and oxidative stability
> An excellent cooling capacity

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