Ravenol Classic SE 20W-50

Code: DA4964

5 litres

Multigrade engine oil for post 1960 petrol Land Rovers

The need for Classic Oils?

Oils for modern engines need to comply with the latest API ratings and specific ACEA and OEM specifications concerned with improving fuel efficiency, extending oil drain intervals and exhaust treatment systems such as diesel particle filters.

A classic car engine has the opposite characteristics with cork/graphite/rope seals, low pressure gear driven oil pumps, larger oil galleries with greater dependence on “splash” and “cling” lubrication, lower revving with larger machining tolerances. This type of engine design demands a totally different lubricant. The new range of Ravenol Classic Oils offers formulations that have been specially blended to meet the requirements of older vehicles.

Special anti-wear additives with the correct amount of zinc (ZDDP) are added to ensure that metal to metal contact and irreparable engine damage is prevented, especially to camshafts and followers, which can wear out in only a few thousand miles when using modern oils. The careful selection of appropriate corrosion inhibitors, special dispersant additives and the correct levels of detergency protect against pitting, the build-up of gums, lacquers, sludge, soot and metallic ash – the normal by-products of combustion.