Code: DA3126

68 & 45mm

  • Defender - 200Tdi - EGR

Hilcone is a simple non-moving stainless steel device that sits inside the air induction system of an engine. Like a static mixer, it vigorously swirls the air; improving the fuel/air mixture and atomisation, promoting more complete combustion as more of the available fuel is consumed. More efficient burning of the fuel cuts smoke and other hydrocarbon emissions. Hiclone also smooths out the engine torque curse, resulting in a reduction in gear changes and a quieter engine, especially on the motorway. With Hiclone fitted you can corner and go uphill in a higher gear, this makes the vehicle easier to drive, improves the ride and reduces engine wear. Additionally Hiclone improves low down grunt of turbo charged engines making towing and hauling heavy loads more effective.