47 litre ARB Classic Series 2 Electric Coolbox

Code: 10801473

Capacity - 47 litres (72 x 375ml cans)

Cooling Capacity - +10ºC to -18ºC

Now with App Control

Suitable for many medium to large SUV’s, the class leading 47L ARB Electric Coolbox is your perfect travelling companion.

Weight - 22.5kg
External dimensions - 508mm (H) x 380mm (W) x 705mm (D)
Internal dimensions -
Fruit & Dairy Compartment: 206mm (H) x 285mm (W) x 151mm (D)
Main Compartment: 401mm (H) x 285mm (W) x 337mm (D)
Power - Built-in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC power with integrated battery protection system

Internal features
> Dairy compartment - optimised internal capacity includes separate compartment for fruit and dairy products.
> Reversible basket with divider - multiple storage options by separating contents or alternatively allowing longer items to be positioned along the length of the cabinet.
> Drain plug - integrated into base for effortless cleaning.
> Integrated evaporator - designed as an integral part of the interior cabinet, ensuring simplified cleaning and optimum use of internal storage space.
> Internal LED light - low power draw LED light with magnetic switch turns off when lid is closed.

External features
> Secop compressor - highest quality, Secop Compressor with smart electronic control system enables rapid cool down to target temperature.
> Durable detent hinge - stainless steel detent hinge ensures the lid can be easily released and securely slid back into place.
> Rear clips - rear clips secure 12/24v and 100-240v cables, preventing the plug from being accidentally disconnected.
> Lid with integrated seal - tough, two piece injection moulded lid incorporates a recessed seal, preventing excessive wear and damage.
> Front latch - simple to use, large over-centre cam lock latch provides a positive seal between the lid and cabinet for maximum cooling efficiency.
> Control panel - easily accessible, recessed front control panel with maintenance-free digital temperature display (no dedicated battery required).
> Recessed handles - powder coated steel handles, engineered to double as tie down points.
> Durable case - powder coated, robust zinc steel cabinet sides designed to withstand extreme off road conditions.
> Rubber feet - integrated into base for increased grip and stability.

Can be paired with 
 Canvas Transit Bag - 10900042
> Remote Electric Coolbox Monitor - DA8933
> Full Extension Electric Coolbox Slide - 10900029
> Electric Coolbox Slide - 10900021
> Electric Coolbox Tie-Down Kit - 10900010

What’s New? It’s all about the looks…. 

Colour scheme – inspired by ARB ‘Jack’, the gun-metallic colour really highlights the metal body of the Electric Coolbox whilst the black plastics offer a smart & sleek contrast
> Electronic updates –

- Backlit control panel buttons for ease of use at night time or in low light situations
- Dimmable display for customization
- 12V power input display to assist with monitoring battery condition

Communication – A new transmitting module has been introduced that utilises Bluetooth® connectivity allowing both monitoring and control of your Series 2 Fridge/Freezer. Whether you’re in the driver’s seat or relaxing in your camp chair, keeping an eye on the temperature of your beers has never been so easy – it can all be done on your Apple or Android Smartphone or ARB LINX device. For existing ARB Electric Coolbox customers, the new transmitter is also backwards compatible on any ARB Electric Coolbox manufactured post 2014 however, functionality is limited to display only as indicated below. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store
> Apple/Android App or LINX – the newly developed app offers an array of functionality such as;

App Display (available on Classic Series 1, Elements & Classic Series 2 as indicated): 

- Electric Coolbox name (available on Series 1, 2 & Elements)
- Target temperature setting (available on Series 1, 2 & Elements)
- Cabinet temperature (available on Series 1, 2 & Elements)
- Customised temperature settings (only available on Series 2)
- Power input (available on Series 1, 2 & Elements)
- Electric Coolbox compressor status (available on Series 1, 2 & Elements)
- Lid open visual warning (only available on Series 2)
- Electric Coolbox system errors displayed as a app pop-up message (available on Series 1, 2 & Elements)

App Control (only available on Classic Series 2): 

- Settings can be adjusted from the app such as; battery protection, units (°C or°F), display brightness, pre-set temperature settings, Electric Coolbox name
- Target temperature can be manually adjusted or altered via pre-sets
- Electric Coolbox can be put into standby
- Multiple fridges can be added

LINX – In order to access the App on any LINX display, simply update to the latest version 1.4 or above and activate the Electric Coolbox Module on the main icons screen

What’s Carry Over? Same fridge, new look… 

Dimensions – all exterior and internal dimensions remain the same as the series 1 Electric Coolbox
Performance – we’ve carried over the trusty performance of the series 1 Electric Coolbox utilising the existing compressors & associated cooling components
Functionality – all the existing features and benefits such as removable lid, reversible basket, mounting points etc are carry-over from series 1.

Accessory Part Numbers

With the exception of the new range of Transit Bags and App Connect Module, all other Classic Electric Coolbox accessories are carry-over. The Electric Coolbox App Connect Module is included free with every Classic Series 2 or Elements Electric Coolbox sale and is also available for individual sale for existing Electric Coolbox customers.

Available in the UK only




For 47 litre coolbox

For 10801473 The ARB transit bag shields your Electric Coolbox from dents and scratches...