Dinitrol Rust Proofing Kits

We now have a selection of Dinitrol rust proofing kits for your Land Rover. 

As many Land Rover owners will know, rust can unfortunately take over your vehicle, and cause it to disintegrate in places. This is normally a result of dirt or moisture accumulating on the vehicle’s underbody.

Rust can be a serious problem, spreading quickly and reducing the lifespan and value of your Land Rover. 

Rustproofing your vehicle can protect it from corrosion and rust, this is especially important on the underbody which comes into contact with water, salt and other dirt & debris whilst driving. 

We have Dinitrol rust proofing kits for both new and used vehicles. Allowing you to protect your vehicle as soon as it comes from the showroom, or protect your used vehicle from further exposure.

These handy Dinitrol kits are perfect for corrosion protecting any vehicle from rust. We have an aerosol range including a trigger attachment for convenience, and a 1 litre schutz range supplied with an underbody coating gun for easy application. 

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