Britpart Service Kits


Servicing a Land Rover just got a whole lot easier with Britpart! Ever started servicing a Land Rover and then suddenly realised you haven't ordered a filter for forgot the sump plug washers? Well now thanks to Britpart, with one simple part number you can order your Land Rover kit safe in the knowledge that all the parts you need will...

Dinitrol Rust Proofing Kits


We now have a selection of Dinitrol rust proofing kits for your Land Rover.  As many Land Rover owners will know, rust can unfortunately take over your vehicle, and cause it to disintegrate in places. This is normally a result of dirt or moisture accumulating on the vehicle’s underbody. Rust can be a serious problem, spreading...

Isopon Consumables


We now have a selection of Isopon workshop consumables for repairing your Land Rover's bodywork!  The Isopon range can help you keep your Land Rover looking its best, offering repair solutions for your Land Rover's bodywork. The easy-to-use kits contain everything you need for ultimate ease and convenience.  Our...

Bombproof Hinge Guards


Exclusive to Britpart! In recent years the Defender has increased in popularity. Along with it, so has the demand for black market parts. Consequently, thefts of Defender doors are increasingly common, even the police Defenders have been targeted!! It takes just a matter of minutes for your doors to be stolen. The hinge guard is built to...

Tim & Fuzz visit Britpart


After successfully completing one of their legendary car restorations for a very deserving member of the public, this time a Range Rover Classic, Tim & Fuzz from Car SOS take a look around Britpart. We think they are very surprised to see just how big our operation is here in Craven Arms in the lovely countryside of Shropshire.

Defender Seat Box Protectors


Say goodbye to scruffy seatboxes on your Defender!  The edge of the seat box on the Defender is prone to damage, often making the interior of your Land Rover appear scruffy. Britpart has the solution... These seat box protectors are easy to fit and smarten up the your Defender's interior. They take less than 5 minutes and all you...