Winter Driving Tips

Breakdowns and accidents are more common in the winter, when driving conditions can be challenging. 


When icy and snowy conditions prevail, driving conditions can be more hazardous. Slippy conditions can dramatically increase stopping distances, and bad weather can mean that visibility is poor. 

There are many things which you can do to help keep safe on the roads this winter.

> Plan ahead and allow plenty of time for your journeys.
> Ensure you leave extra time to de-ice your vehicle.
> Keep fuel levels topped up to at least 1/4 tank incase of unexpected delays.

De-icing your Land Rover

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be waiting for the car to de-ice and de-mist, espicaly when you are short on time! Nevertheless, it is vital that you ensure that your Land Rover is clear from mist or ice so that you have full visibility from your windows. A heated windscreen kit can help speed up the process, and a heated wing mirror kit can make sure your mirrors are fully clear before setting off.

Replace worn or damaged wiper blades, ensuring that you turn them off when you park up. If the blades freeze to the screen, you could damage the blades or wiper motor when you turn the ignition on.

Check your visibility 

The darks nights and bad weather can dramatically decrease visibility of the roads. It is important to make sure that all your lights are working and the lenses are clear. To avoid fines make sure that your number plates and lights are not covered in dirt from the road. If your Land Rover is in need of something a bit brighter check out our selection of light conversions and upgrades.

Check your tyres

Make sure that your tyres have at least 3mm of tread and are in good condition. 

Look after the electrics and battery

The extra demands from lights, heating and wipers mean that your battery works harder. Consider a Battery Guard to monitor your battery, and keep a XS PowerPack on hand incase of a flat battery!

Carry Essentials

Keeping some essentials in your car can help keep you prepared for driving in winter conditions. It is reccomended to have the following stored in your car:

> Ice Scraper
> Torch and spare battries
> First Aid Kit

If conditions are bad, you may consider keeping a winter survival kit with the following items:

> Warm clothes and sturdy footwear
> Hot drinks in a thermos and snacks
> Shovel
> Jump Leads
> Recovery Tracks