Protect your Land Rover with Raptor!


RAPTOR is a highly durable protective coating that ensures protection against mechanical damage, fuels, hydraulic oils, rust, corrosion, salt water, damp, extreme temperatures and off-road muddy good fun.

Britpart are the exclusive Raptor stockists in the Land Rover aftermarket.

Raptor is available in black and tintable versions. The tintable version can be altered to suit the colour of your vehicle by adding a small amount of automotive solvent paint. Raptor can be applied as a smooth finish through to a very coarse finish.

Using Raptor can have many benefits for your Land Rover, including:

Easy to use: simply FILL - SHAKE - SHOOT®
Provides excellent UV protection
Waterproof - provides a water tight seal, keeping water out and protects new surfaces against rust
Sound deadener (reduces noise and vibrations)
Protects against rust, corrosion salt, damp and extreme temperatures
High resistance to everyday and off-road use
Abrasion and stain resistant
Dries rapidly, is flexible
Provides excellent adhesion
No need to wax after application

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