Protect your Land Rover

Keep your Land Rover protected and secure with Britpart!


Here at Britpart, we know how important protecting your Land Rover is.

Whether it is keeping the exterior looking smart, keeping muddy boots from damaging the interior, or preventing theft, Britpart have an extensive range of protection for your Land Rover. 

Exterior Protection

Keep your Land Rover protected from hidden dangers on and off the road

> Chequer plates not only protect your vehicle but also give it that 'classic' Defender look!
> Light guards can help prevent the costly mistake of smashing a light whilst off-roading
> Protect the underside of your vehicle when driving off-road 
Interior Protection

Muddy boots and wet dogs are no match for our selection of interior protection for your Land Rover.

> A easy to clean loadspace liner can help keep then boot of your vehicle clean
> Premium carpet, or rubber mat - to suit your requirements
>  A set of waterproof seat covers can stop spilled drinks from ruining your Land Rovers upholstery
> Keep your 4-legged friend securely fastened in the boot with a dog guard

Security Equipment

Securing your Land Rover has never been so important! Properly securing you vehicle can provide a deterrent for would-be thieves!

> Add a tracker to your vehicle with Skytag
> A pedal lock makes sure that only the keyholder has access to the pedals
> Protect your accessories with a set of tamper-proof nuts and bolts
> A quick release steering wheel boss ensures potential thieves have nowhere to turn

To purchase or enquire about any of our protection products you can find your local Britpart stockist here