Get heated seats in your Land Rover!


With winter comes the cold, dark mornings where getting out of bed and driving to work can be a struggle. Especially when it involves getting into your cold Land Rover! 

Our heated seat kit will allow you to heat your seats and enjoy comfortable seat heating in a matter of seconds.

They can be fitted to any vehicle with removable seat covers, the highly durable and flexible heating elements are placed between the upholstery and seat cover on the seat base and back and will not alter the shape of the seats. The switch allows the driver and passenger to select their own heat setting. A ready-made cable set connects the switches to the 12V on-board power supply to the heat the pads. There are integrated temperature sensors which ensure that the seat heater will not overheat.

We also offer several other enhancements that will help you face the cold mornings!

> Heated wing mirror kit
> Heated windscreens
> FBH Heater Controller

To find out more information about the seat heaters click here