Discovery 3 Buyers Guide


First introduced on 2nd April 2004, the Discovery 3 has become a well loved vehicle in the Land Rover family. It remained in production until 2009, when it was replaced by the Discovery 4. In North American and Middle Eastern markets, the Discovery 3 is known as LR3!

The Discovery 3 was the first all-original design for the Discovery, although it took some inspiration from the 2002 third generation Range Rover. It features fully independent suspension, and a separate but integrate body and frame (IBF) structure. Under the surface it was a completely new vehicle, but retained some of the classic exterior features such as the steeped roof and reverse C-Pillars. Inside the vehicle the infotainment system was given a major upgrade and the audio system was improved. 

The biggest change came in the addition of the Terrain Response system, which dramatically improved its off-road capabilities. This allows the driver to select which terrain to drive on - the vehicle then electronically configures the vehicle’s systems, including engine management, gear selection, differential control and ride height selection, to suit the surface selected. 

Together with Land Rover Owner magazine, we have put together a buyers guide to show you what to look out for when buying a Discovery 3.