Discovery 1 Buyers Guide


The Discovery 1 started life under the code name 'Project Jay', it was introduced when Land Rover saw the need to bridge the gap between classic Range Rover and the Ninety/One Ten.

Thus the Discovery family was born, providing the rugged capabilities of a Defender, with the interior comforts more akin to a Range Rover. 

The Discovery 1 made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1989, over 30 years later the Discovery family still continues to develop. 

The Discovery has several features which make it instantly recognisable - including the steeped roof, reverse C-pillars and clamshell bonnet. The interior was designed with everyday life in mind, making for a pleasant driving experience.

Did you know:

The Discovery was intially launched as a 3 door vehicle so that it did not detract from the 5 door Range Rover models. In 1990, the 5 door model was launched.

Transmission on the vehicle was a dual-ratio five speed manual with drive via a transfer case with a lockable centre differential. This became an essential design feature as it enhanced the off-road capabilities of the Discovery by allowing the driver to control traction and stability. 

The Discovery 1 is still loved by many, along with Land Rover Owner we have put together a helpful Discovery 1 Buyers Guide.