Defender Security


In recent months there has unfortunately been a spike in the thefts reported of Land Rover Defenders. After 67 years, this iconic British car trundled off the production line for the last time in January this year. This has led to a significant increase in demand for the cars, and has been attributed to the increase in thefts. In April, NFU Mutual announced that claim costs for theft of Defenders had increased 8% since 2014.

For many Defender owners their vehicle holds both commercial and recreational value, as well as a strong attachment. Many Defender owners dedicate hours of love and attention to making their vehicle unique. Not only is the theft of a car a disruptive event, it can also be devastating for an owner whose hard work it snatched away from them.

Whilst the threat of theft is always there, Defender owners can take several steps to helping secure their vehicle and reduce the chances of becoming one of the statistics!

Advice for keeping your Defender safe

  • Fit a steering lock such as the X-Column Lock Protector (DA9013) - a broken column steering lock is found on virtually all stolen Land Rovers, allowing the vehicle to be started with a screwdriver! This protector will prevent the local being broken. 
  • Add a tracking device such as Skytag (DA9012) - the Skytag device can pin-point the exact location of the vehicle worldwide and provides direct police access and liaison.
  • Mark your parts with a security marking kit (DA8533) - etching your windows and parts with a marking kit will increase the chances of vehicles being recovered and identified. 
  • Secure your parts with tamper proof nuts and bolts - this will help ensure that your precious accessories remain firmly on your Land Rover!
  • Use locking wheel nuts to protect your wheels and tyres from theft
  • Remain vigilant and ensure that your Defender is parked ideally in a lockable building, or a well lit area to deter thieves. 
  • Take photos of any modifications, additional parts or unusual features which could aid identification of the vehicle if stolen.