Benefits of Dash Cameras


Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with motorists and can provide many benefits to drivers. 

They are a useful way to look at our own driving habits, and also capture who is at fault should an incident occur. 

Many road traffic collisions are not clear cut, and often can be a case of one word against another, fitting a dash cam to your vehicle can help to provide footage to resolve a dispute quickly. 

“Figures show that insurance fraud such as ‘crash for cash’ scams are currently costing honest policyholders almost £400m each year.” - Insurance Industry 

Unfortunately, on today's roads, the real risk of these scams can impact innocent drivers and cause financial and legal worries. Fitting a dash cam can help to provide evidence enabling drivers to be properly compensated and prevent the same situation reoccurring with other unsuspecting drivers!

Benefits of Dash Cams
 Provides vital evidence in the event of a road traffic accident.
> Helps combat insurance fraud.
> Reduce time taken to settle a claim.
> Can help reduce your insurance premium.

Here at Britpart we stock a plug and play Dash Cam from Ring, to find out more information about the camera click here