Balance your tyres with Magnum Tyre Balancing Beads


What are MAGNUM+ Beads & How Do They Work?

Beads are dispersed evenly around the inner wall of the tyre through centrifugal force. Based on Newton’s law that every force creates an equal and opposite reaction, MAGNUM+ beads reposition themselves to offset the heavy spots, neutralizing the imbalance and eliminating vibration. Made of tempered glass, MAGNUM+ beads are 98% round and carefully calibrated for consistent size and maximum precision.

MAGNUM+ Benefits

Save Fuel

High precision balancing means a proper, consistent balance every time. A balanced tyre means less vibration resulting in a reduction in rolling resistance, and in turn, better fuel efficiency!

Save Time

Self-adjusting balancing minimizes downtime on the job and less time in the workshop so you can do more… and play more.

Save Money

Saving fuel and time ultimately means that you save money. MAGNUM+ will extend the life of your tyres by promoting consistent, even wear and tear. With MAGNUM+ you will replace your tyres less often!

Balance It. Forget It.

Proper tyre maintenance involves a constant balancing that will, on one hand, maintain fuel efficiency and, on the other hand, maximize the life of the tyre. Traditional external weight tyre balancing means rebalancing your tyres at regular intervals. With MAGNUM+, all tyres can be efficiently balanced throughout their life because the beads retain their physical characteristics and never disintegrate, thus they will outlast your tyres.

Adapt To Any Road Condition

If you like to play in the mud, drive in the snow or go from one messy job site to another, heavy spots on your tyre may change leaving your wheels unbalanced. Wheel weight balancing can often be ineffective on a vehicle experiencing various conditions. With MAGNUM+ the beads simply reposition themselves according to the new force created by the heavy spot.

Online Bead Requirement Calculator