Airbag Man Defender Intelliride Airbag Kit

Code: DA9200

  • Defender 90

Height Range Automatic Mode         Front    Rear   
Ride Height up to Raised Height         40mm    40mm    
Ride Height down to Access Height   -80mm    -80mm   

Height Range Manual Mode 
Maximum Height from Ride Height      50mm    50mm  
Minimum Height from Ride Height     -100mm    -100mm

Why Intelliride ECAS?
This front and rear axle full air suspension kit incorporates on-board air control which is a fully automatic Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) System. When fitted, the system provides comfort while maintaining a programmed ride height irrespective of the load. Multiple vehicle heights are available at the push of a button. 

The on-board system has automatic load levelling at each height which continuously monitors inputs and component performance as a means of increasing safety and durability. The on-board system recognises and responds accordingly to potholes, cross-articulation and extended turns. This intelligence prevents unnecessary activity and air consumption, it even recognises unachievable heights, assisting in the prevention of possible damage above or below the vehicle. 

> Automatic 4 corner ride heigh control catering for all loads
> 3 pre-set heights - high, drive & low mode
> Fully adjustable via easy to use hand held control
>  Front to back levelling
> Raise for clearance
> Lower for storage and access
> Inputs available for safety reset to ride height
> Manual mode
> Horizon levelling feature option
> OEM grade components for reliable performance
> High volume air springs for optimal ride quality & carrying capacity

> Easy installation
> Excellent ride quality
> Headlights point in the right direction
> Adjustable levelling control
> Prevents bottoming out
> Stabilise body roll
> Reduces tyre wear
> Lowers maintenance costs
> Safer load carrying
> Better braking
> Improved steering & handling

Core Components 
Rear Firestone air springs - heavy-duty rolling sleeve air springs. 
> Front Dunlop air springs - heavy-duty rolling sleeve air springs includes shock relocation brackets 
> AMK air compressor - 12 volt. Max 150 psi working pressure, high quality German built compressor. 
> 1 Gallon seamless aluminium air tank - SAE J10 APPROVED, lightweight & no corrosion. Max. working pressure 200psi. Pressure tested to 1,000psi. 3 x ¼” NPT ports (including drain port). Multi-position low profile bracket set 
> Hand held controller - 9m lead 
> ECU & valve block 
> Vehicle specific air supply mounting brackets 
> Rocker switch & height sensors 
> 6mm high quality nylon tubing
> Quick fit push to connect air fittings
> Easy to use electrical connections
> Sealed relay & harness
> Hardware
> Step by step instructions
> Operators manual




  • Defender 110
  • Defender 130

Height Range Automatic Mode          Front  ...