Aluminium engine breather oil catch tank

Code: DA4748

  • 200Tdi engines 
  • 300Tdi engines

Allisport high performance aluminium engine breather oil catch tank separator. Manufactured using mounting flange machined from billet aluminium. All engines need to breathe crankcase pressure to atmosphere and most are designed to re-enter the air intake system after the air cleaner.

Standard breather pots use a gauze and mesh design which over time becomes blocked with oil deposits, reducing the capacity to release crankcase pressure and also allowing more oil vapour to enter the intake system. This high performance replacement is designed to effectively reduce crankcase pressure build up on Tdi engines by using an internal baffle rather than the standard gauze and mesh design.

Designed to have a practical purpose offering an improvement over the original black plastic units, but will also look great in the engine bay.

Will fit all Tdi engines including 2.8 TGV. Tank has new integral O ring-seal design - No More Leaks!!

Manufactured by hand, fully TIG welded.