Turbo Boost Box

Code: DA4667

  • Defender - 2.5 Td5 Diesel
  • Discovery 2 - 2.5 Td5 Diesel

You will feel the benefits of fitting the Turbo Boost Box as soon as you drive!

The Td5 engine fitted in Defenders and Discoverys is one of the most tuneable engines available and it responds well to modifications including a PSI power tune box, larger intercooler, EGR removal kit and decat pipes. However the turbo will only boost to 14.7psi in standard form and this will quickly limit the potential from the modifications you have made. The ECU will cut fuel to the engine if it detects an over boosting situation, but there is a solution.

Turbo Boost Box! This intelligent box allows the Td5 engine to run with a higher boost pressure after adjusting the waste gate in accordance with the instructions. This allows increase turbo boost pressure without the engine going into limp home mode. You will feel the benefits of fitting the Turbo Boost Box as soon as you drive. At the lower rpm’s the vehicle will feel more responsive whilst at the same time giving you a much smoother spread of power through the rpm range. An added benefit is a reduction of exhaust smoke.

Fitting the Turbo Boost Box is an easy 3 wire installation. The box is water-resistant - ideal for most off-road uses.

This product must be fitted by a competent mechanic in accordance with the included instructions, incorrect waste gate adjustment can lead to engine damage.