Lynx Evo 2 Diagnostics Tool

Code: DA3600

Lynx Evo 2

Single Land Rover family home user version

Unlocked for one Land Rover family only.

Important - Lynx Evo is supplied with a 36 month entitlement to use the software and selected vehicle model.  To find out more about how this entitlement and vehicle model families work, please contact [email protected]

Important - Lynx Evo and Lynx Evo Pro are not for sale or use in Canada, Mexico or USA. Please check that the Lynx Evo App is available in your country before ordering.

What does Lynx Evo do?
Read fault codes
> Clear fault codes
> Read & display live data
> Test actuators
> Special functions - see online coverage
> Programming - such as alarm settings, key fobs etc. on selected models
> Service reset

Key Features
Read & display live data
> Mobile device based
> Easy to use
> Unlocked ready to cover an entire Land Rover model family
> Upgrade software over app store
> Quickly checks your Land Rover for faults
> Small enough to store in glove box

What is Lynx Evo?
Lynx Evo is the next generation diagnostic tool for Land Rover vehicles. Offering market leading diagnostics from a powerful and mobile design. Lynx Evo provides vehicle servicing and in depth diagnostic capability for all Land Rover models from 1990 through to current day. Ideal for the workshop and home user. Live data can also be displayed using numerics and graphics making it easier to read time based events on your Land Rover. This small but powerful Dongle requires no batteries as it uses the vehicles power. For the enthusiast home user, using Lynx Evo will mean no more trips to your local main dealer to clear any faults on your Land Rover. Lynx Evo is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices* with apps available for download from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. As the software is App Store based and is loaded onto your mobile device, updates are as easy to do as any other mobile app, simply click the update icon. 
*Compatible with versions of Android up to and including V10

How does it work?
Lynx Evo 2 comes with a 36 month software entitlement for one Land Rover model family. The entitlement provides a licence to use the tool as well as any software updates. The entitlement starts from the point of registration by the customer.

Customers can also choose other Land Rover model families. To find out more about how the entitlement and vehicle model families work, please contact [email protected]

What Land Rover models does Lynx Evo cover?
It is important to note that if you purchase an unlock code for a Discovery this code will cover all the Discovery family - from Discovery 1 through to Discovery 5. This feature is hugely beneficial if, at a later date, you upgrade your vehicle within the same Land Rover family you don’t have to purchase another unlock code.
See the full Lynx coverage for each model at

Defender Family
Defender - 1990 to 2019
Discovery Family
Discovery 1*
> Discovery 2
> Discovery 3
> Discovery 4
> Discovery 5
Freelander Family
Freelander 1
> Freelander 2
Discovery Sport Family
Discovery Sport
Range Rover Family
Range Rover Classic*
> Range Rover P38
> Range Rover L322
> Range Rover L405
Range Rover Velar Family
Range Rover Velar
Range Rover Evoque Family
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Sport Family
Range Rover Sport - Mk1
> Range Rover Sport - Mk2
*Lead for 14CUX required - DA1504

What do you get with Lynx Evo?
Lynx Evo dongle
> Quick start guide

Supported Languages
> French
> Spanish
> Portuguese
> German
> Italian
> Dutch