ARB Fire Pit

Code: 10500200

3mm REDCOR® Steel / Canvas Carry Bag

This is a seriously sturdy and versatile fire pit that will be just as useful at home entertaining guests in the backyard, as it will be at your favourite campsite. A fire pit for camping has to be portable and while the design of the ARB Fire Pit might not scream “revolution”, they have added some key elements that make a good design great.

The base structure of the fire pit is a five-piece assembly, slotting together without requiring any tools. To ensure longevity and improved heat retention, all pieces are cut from a solid three-millimetre sheet of REDCOR® steel. A base plate ensures the coals and associated heat remain in the pit, while the top edges are folded with integrated tabs to secure the included cooking grill.

It is also designed to suit your own sourced cast iron BBQ plates and rotisserie. The included cooking grill utilises half of the fire pit’s top opening and features both a grill and hotplate section. The cooking grill is made from 4mm mild steel and can be seasoned with cooking oil and a quality fire.

The whole unit collapses down and fits neatly into the supplied Australian made canvas carry bag. 

Weathered Look

REDCOR® is a new class of steel that won’t rust, but will weather to a nice patina. This look and finish are the actual desired look and finish of this material and is not a warranty concern. The steel was specifically picked to do this and some customers may have concern around this, but this is the finish and look we aimed for. The patina will actually provide additional protection to the fire pit and keep in good use for years to come.

Key Features
Keeps fire contained and controlled
Included mild steel cooking plate
Can be used to cook directly on once seasoned
Perfect for boiling camp kettles or keeping cooked food warm
Mounting tabs for 320 x 480mm cast iron plates (not included)
REDCOR® steel by BlueScope - high heat handling and only rusts/weathers to a nice patina finish 
Flat folding design and packs into strong 10oz canvas bag 
Rotisserie mounting holes (rotisserie not included) 
4x Included bottle openers

Technical Specifications 
3mm REDCOR® steel by BlueScope 
Cooking grill - 4mm mild steel 
Carry bag - 10oz canvas bag with strap 
Weight - 18kg
Packed (LxWxH) - 600 x 300 x 35mm
Open (LxWxH) - 600 x 496mm x 300mm
Cooking grill (LxW) - 580 x 272mm

Available in UK only.




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