Off-Road Equipment

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Be prepared for the unexpected when exploring. You’ll find products to suit your off-road adventures from long range fuel tanks to jacks.

Air Compressors & Tyre Repair

Don't get caught out with a flat tyre or two!

Ashcroft Transmission Equipment

Ashcroft Transmission equipment. Range includes CV joints, half-shafts, automatic torque biasing centre diff & LSD.

Diff Lockers

Tackle that tricky terrain with added traction.

Emergency Equipment

Stay safe and be prepared with a selection of first aid kits and travel kits.

Fuel Tanks & Jerry Cans

Don't get caught short.

Ground Anchors

Recover yourself from a sticky situation.


A very wide range of jacks and jacking equipment.

Sand Ladders & Waffle Boards

Don't get stuck in a rut.

Land Meters

Monitor pitch and roll in your Land Rover.

Lift Rod Kit

Fully adjustable lift rod kit to give you two settings - standard & off-road.

Portable PowerPacks

These brilliant powerpacks are handy to keep with you. From jump starting your Land Rover to charging your mobile phone they could prove invaluable to you.

Raised Air Intakes

Ideal for wading and very dusty environments.